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Tennis, school and living
We receive players from many countries. Pavlo has professional experience in training at the level of international competitions (ITF Juniors, WTA and ATP). We offer accommodation in accordance to your needs for long term stay with school solutions. Tennis Academy Utrecht has 10 dorms for players to rent long term. The rooms are fully furnished with a study area. Players share kitchen, living room and bathrooms. 

Customized program
Pavlo will create a individual plan with tennis training, a fitness program and performance elements like mental toughness and vision training to help you achieve your personal goals. Based on intense training and the best techniques, our method guarantees a higher level of tennis for all players.

High standard facilities
The academy has 2 hard courts outside with access to 3 clay courts and 3 indoor hard courts nearby. There's a gym with access to the latest equipment of the market. You train with us in privacy, because it's our own private tennis complex.