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About us

A knowledgable and dedicated coach
My name is Pavlo. My father is greek and my mother is Dutch. For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with tennis and understanding the game on a deeper level. My motto is: the higher level of tennis you going after, the higher level of instruction you must receive. I aim to maximize your potential. I have completed the Master Of Sports. I am a certified Master Professional Tenniscoach and Tennis Performance Fitness Specialist.

Top sport facillities
At our Tennis Academy we have the facilities that provides the best conditions for realizing our vision with tennis. We have the best tennis courts in the Netherlands. The Proflex Elite tennis courts provides an extremely comfortable, consistent and true ball bounce on all areas of the court. We also have a fitness studio. In the gym we have acces to the latest equipment of the market. You train with us in privacy, because it's our own private tennis complex. The academy has also access to 3 clay courts and 3 indoor hard courts nearby.



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